All games will be played under international rules (FIFA) as modified below.


  • Rosters: All teams may roster up to 22 players.

  • No roster changes will be permitted after a team roster has been approved at tournament registration.  All teams must be currently registered with their State or National Association.  No special formed all-star teams will be permitted.  Each player must have a valid USSF/USYSA ID card.





  • 8U-10U games will have a center referee only.

  • 11U-19U games will have a center referee and 2 assistant referees.


  • 8U-10U teams: Off-side will not be enforced unless the referee determines the offside position is directed, intentional, and/or persistent in an effort to gain an unfair advantage (Law11). Defending teams will be awarded an indirect free kick from the offside players’ position.

  • 8U-10U teams:  All 9U-10U matches will be played with a build out-line. The build out line is located halfway between the top of the penalty area and the midline. With any possession of the goalkeeper (in their hands) or goal kicks, the opposition must move behind the build out line.

  • Goal kicks may be taken anywhere inside the penalty area

  • 8U-11U teams: Intentionally heading the ball in these matches shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction – or from the top of the goal area for infractions inside the goal area.

UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT: Home team must wear their light uniform and provides the game ball. Each player must wear shin guards and an official uniform with a number on the back.  

START OF THE GAME:  The home team will choose the side of the field they wish to defend.  The away team will get the kick-off to start the game.

SUBSTITUTION: The following rules for substitution will be followed: A modified FIFA rules of substitution will be followed for all games. Any team may substitute at any dead ball based on the referee’s approval.  Substitution is unlimited.


A minimum of seven players constitutes a team.  A five (5) minute grace period will be extended beyond the kickoff time before a forfeit will be declared.  The Tournament Directors will make the final decision if a forfeit shall be allowed depending upon extenuating circumstances that may have prevented a team from making the game on time.  If a forfeit is determined, the winning team will be awarded a score of 1-0 and will receive only the 3 points for the win. In the event of a forfeit in a group, all teams in the group will be awarded the same points.


Player: Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the team’s next game.  No substitution will be permitted for an ejected player.  Anyone fighting can be subjected to ejection from further tournament participation.  Passes will be retained by the tournament and returned to the coach of the team after the player has sat out their suspension.  The coach is responsible for picking up the player’s pass after their suspension is completed.

Coach:  In the event a coach is ejected from a game, he/she must leave the complex and not return until the conclusion of the team they were coaching completes their next game. A coach may not coach another team until the suspension has been completed.

PROTESTS: Any protest must be presented in writing to the tournament headquarters within one hour of the completion of the game, and must be accompanied with a $200 bond, which will be returned only if the protest is upheld.  Referees judgment will not be a basis for protests.


  • Official scoring is held by the tournament director at headquarters and not online.

  • Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss.

In the event of ties in total point standings, the following sequence will be used:

  1.  Head to head competition between teams that are tied

  2. Best goal difference for all games – up to a max of +/-4 per game (Example: Team winning 6-1 would only be the max of +4) 

  3. Fewest goals allowed

  4. Kicks from the Mark – 5 players per team; if still tied, sudden victory penalty kick shoot out

**In the event that of a three team tie or teams playing in a “crossover” flight, head to head competition will be eliminated if a winner cannot be decided. 

If, in the process of utilizing the tie breaker sequence, one team is eliminated, they begin with the sequence when there are only two teams (begin with head to head competition).

The following tie breaker sequence will be used:

  1. Best goal difference for all games – up to 4 per game

  2. Fewest goals allowed

  3. Kicks from the Mark shoot out – 5 players per team; if still tied, sudden victory penalty kick shoot out. A coin toss will determine who participates.


  • Games that are tied at the end of regulation time will end as a tie in preliminary rounds.  In the event of a tie in a semi-final or final game, 2–5 minute overtimes will be played to completion.  In the event a match remains tied at the conclusion of the overtime play, kicks from the spot will be taken as listed below to determine a winner.


TIE BREAKERS – Kicks from the Mark:

In the event that penalty kicks must be used to determine a winner in the preliminary or final rounds the format will be as follows:

(a)Each team will select (5) players to kick – only players on the field at the end of the game may be selected.

(b)Team will alternate kicks – first team to kick will be determined by the referee’s coin flip.

(c)If the score remains tied after five (5) kicks, teams will alternate kicks one at a time until a winner is determined.

(d)All eligible players must kick before any eligible player can repeat.

(e)Keepers may be changed after any shot.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Coach/Manager: In the event a game needs to be stopped due to inclement weather, lightning, etc., one or all the following methods will instruct you:

  • Notified by tournament official and or field marshals

  • Referees on the field

  • Air Horns/Police sirens

The tournament director will continue update the manager and coach via email, text message and the tournament website.

In the event of Lightning the tournament wait 30 minutes after lighting strike before the games will be restarted. DO NOT LEAVE THE COMPLEX!

In the event of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning- all fields will be cleared until the local National Weather Service lifts the warning. DO NOT LEAVE THE COMPLEX (unless otherwise notified by the Tournament Director)

In the event of a Tornado Warning– all fields will be cleared until the local National Weather Service lifts the warning.


Extreme Cold

  • In the event the local air temperature or wind-chill index dips to or below 33°F the following guidelines will take effect.

  • 33°F and above – No action taken

  • 32°F and below – Air temperature or wind-chill Index 2 hours prior to game time; The tournament may cancel or delay games & outdoor activities- the tournament will notify teams and referees. **Please understand that moisture (rain or snow) will impact all decisions on delaying or canceling games.

Extreme Heat

  • In the event the air temperature rises to or above 90°F the following guidelines will take effect:

  • 90°F and below – No action taken

  • Between 90°F and 100°F – Enforced 2-minute water breaks during each half 

  • 100°F and above – Projected air temperature or Heat Index at game time may cancel or delay games & outdoor activities- the tournament will notify teams and referees.

  • Re-Entry on the Fields: The air horns/sirens will sound again or a tournament official will inform you when everything is “all clear.” You should then return to the field. If it is necessary for you to check with Tournament Headquarters regarding this situation, we ask that only one team official go to the headquarters tent. If your team/player is on the field while the “prior to the ALL CLEAR” your team may be asked to leave the tournament and all your games will be forfeited. No refund is given.

  • Communication to teams: The tournament will use one or all-3 ways to communicate to all teams and spectators — Email or text message from event via the REGISTRATION System, Phone Call from tournament official or club official, website/social media update

  • Security Plan

  • Tournament Officials: All staff in identifying apparel with 2-way radios. 

  • Field Marshals: 1 per 2 fields with 2-way radios.

  • Police: Onsite during event hours.

  • Trainers: (up to 4) Onsite during event hours.

  • Weather Monitoring: Onsite Radar, Onsite Lightning Detector 


  • The tournament committee has the right to shorten and/or cancel matches due to climatic conditions or other acts of nature, which are beyond our control. In the event that severe weather delays the tournament, all games which are at least at half time will be considered complete. All which have not reached halftime will complete the half only if weather permits ( in the event the game can not be completed the game will considered a tie). If the game determines a bracket winner the below standard for Semi-Finals/Finals will be followed for determining a winner. In the event Semi-Finals or Finals cannot be played due to severe weather the following tie-breaker format will be used to declare champions.  Please note this for inclement weather only!

  • Kicks from the Spot – 5 players per team; if still tied sudden victory penalty kick shootout

  • Head to head competition between teams that are tied

  • Totals Points

  • Best goal difference for all games – up to 4 per game

  • Fewest goals allowed

  • Coin Toss


  • The event has the right to deny participation, at any time, if your team falls out of compliance. This includes, but is not limited to, housing, payment, team check-in, team behavior and all other rules stated in this document.



  • There will be no refunds after a team is accepted fully into the event. If the event starts at any point no refunds are given. If the event is fully canceled prior to the start of the tournament the event may refund up to 75% of the registration fee less the processing fees.

  • The tournament committee has the right to shorten and/or cancel matches due to climatic conditions or other acts of nature, and circumstances beyond the control of the tournament. 

  • In the event of tournament interruption or cancellation after the first scheduled tournament game begins the tournament has no obligation to refund any portion of your application fee.

  • Housing Policy: 

  • The Site Search will be your “single source” for hotel reservations for this event. The staff at the Site Search will coordinate all the hotel reservations.

  • As a reminder and as stated in the Manager’s Checklist and posted registration rules, all teams that are selected for participation are required to make hotel reservations for their entire team through Site Search. Reservations are required at one of the designated hotels and must be booked through Site Search.

  • All teams must book their hotel rooms prior to acceptance into the tournament.  You will be required to stay two nights regardless of the game schedule. Please read the hotel cancellation policy closely.  All room changes must be made 14 days before the event.

  • You will receive an email within 48 hours of applying to the tournament regarding your housing needs for the tournament. Please do not contact SITE SEARCH prior to applying to the tournament.

  • The tournament director makes all final decisions.